Individual complexity is the Trio's lifeblood.

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This recording marks a reactionary vision the Trio has been developing over the past 8 years...

Misha Piatigorsky

Bandleader, vivid pianist, and an award-winning composer uses his residency at Zinc Bar to continuousy evolve musical style, with his signature Trio project as well as larger bands, most significantly his large ensemble The Sketchy Orkestra




Drummer, composer, and bandleader Rudy Royston takes no prisoners. He is as elegant as a prima ballerina and as fierce as a gladiator warrior. His unmistakable precision and musicality make him the Tsar of the drums.

Misha and Rudy met 8 years ago, and not one performance has passed without undeniable tears of glory and a belly full of soul and creation.

Playing trio with Misha is an adventure for the band and the audience, [..] there is freedom to create something fresh and novel


Bassist and producer Danton Boller has a stronghold on a wide spectrum of musical genres. From hard bop with Roy Hargrove to Bridget Everett to Keller Williams, Danton stands out as the iconic groove master on any stage.

His musical collaboration with Misha Piatigorsky is 20 years strong and his sensibility and understanding of Misha's music is as organic as it is definitive.