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A Special Presentation at the New School's Glass Box

As a child, I heard Russian violist Yuri Bashmet perform the William Walton Viola Concerto and its fleeting beauty has stayed with me ever since. I replayed it in my mind many times when I was writing Elegy.
— Misha Piatigorsky, composer

“Elegy” dedicated to Yuri Bashmet, is an escape from the mundane chaos of contemporary life.  But it is not a lullaby. It is a reverent hymn for the silent monastery, for the solemn meditation before the ritual of gratitude .  That balance, a tempered harmony between the soothing and the exhilarating, reminiscent of the Cezanne's pastel-like oil colors, gives this piece it's inescapable hold over the listeners.  The solo instrument, inspired by Yuri Bashmet, is the viola; it combines the depth of a man's tenor voice with the height and elegance of a coloratura soprano.

On an brisk evening in November of 2016, at the Glass Box Theater at The New School in New York, “Elegy” was performed and recorded for the first time.  Violist Krisztina Kiss commanded the soloist role, as a 16 person chamber orchestra accompanied her.  Joining us were a modern dancer and a pantomime, reflecting the absurdity and chaos of modern society and mocking the vanity that surrounds human existence.

The result was this:


"Elegy" was composed and conducted by Misha Piatigorsky.
Viola soloist: Krisztina Kiss

Ezinma Ramsay (konzertmeister)
Cindy Shin
Lavinia Pavlish
Nicholas Alexander Wilson
Nathalie Barret-Mas
Alexander Lee
Eugene Muneyoshi Takahashi
Katia Gorkhover

Jorge Huelga Garciá
Laura Sacks
Seo Hyeon Park
Nicolas Mirabile

Agnes Nagy
Tara Hanish
Ansel Cohen

Bass: Sam Minaie

Dancer: Joshi Martina
Mime: Lera Vital

Executive Producer: Misha Piatigorsky

Sound and Mixing Engineer: Sam Minaie
Cinematography: Shlomo Werpin
Editing: Shlomo Werpin

Media: Ermolay Romanov
Production Coordinator: Nathalie Barret-Mas
Producers: Ermolay Romanov, Shlomo Werpin

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